Saturday, September 22, 2007


This year it’s 100 years since the Norwegian composer Edvard Griegs’ death. Professional artists from Selbu, Selbu Teaterforum(a local theatre group) and a local choir wanted to celebrate this by putting on a play at Kalvåa. Kalvåa is an outdoor theatre/ museum in Selbu, Norway.
Inspired by Griegs music, the power of the waterfall in Kalvåa and our own longing, the fairytale “Fossekall” was born. A play about the life of the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg written by Elisabeth Matthesson Solberg (actor/writer/director)
Together with Edvard Griegs music and the poets Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, Henrik Ibsen and Arne Garborg, the waterfall was released in its full power, and set free in to the autumn night. The characters Ole Bull, Edvards wife Nina Grieg and characters such as Per Gynt, Solveig, the mountain maids, *Huldra and *Dovregubben were brought to life. It turned into a magical night for both performers and audience.
To work with Elisabeth Solberg Matthesson was an amazing experience for me. She is a wonderful and warm human being, a great actress and a fantastic director! I have had to face a lot of challenges both on and off the stage this year. To play the part of Nina Grieg has meant a lot to me. We had a short and intense rehearsal period, but we grew into a strong team and I have grown as a performer.
We are now hoping that “Fossekall” can be part of “Festspillene in Bergen” March 2008. This is a festival held each year in Bergen, Norway.
*Huldra= A beautiful woman with a tail, who lures men into the woods and is part of the underworld.
*Dovregubben = a character from Ibsens Peer Gynt. A big Troll king and is the leader of the underworld creatures who live in “Doregubbens hall”.