Thursday, February 24, 2011

Audition in Oslo

A long period of preparation is over and I have started to look at Mahler and more solo repertoire. The audition for the Master degree on monday was a good experience, but I was a little bit to nervous. Did some silly mistakes, but also did a lot of good things. No matter what the result will be I have improved a lot through this process and intend to carry on working. I wish to develop my voices full potential and fulfill my dreams. You only live once!Think it plan it do it:-)

Saturday, February 12, 2011


A intense and exiting week has come to and end. I feel a bit sad, didn´t want it to come to an end. It was an amazing feeling to stand there on stage with Bryn, Trondheim Symphony Orchestra and Garreth. Olavshallen was packed with people applauding loudly and shouting BRAVO almost after every number. I dream about standing in from of an audience in such a way. There is a lot of hard work behind such a career. I just got to keep at it, one step at the time, never give up. Bryn seemed like a friendly and down to earth person. He chatted a lot to the chorus and orchestra members. Both Garreth and Bryn seemed impressed with the chorus to. "I want to take you with me on tour" he said after our first rehearsal. "Yes please" we all shouted:) Hope he comes back to Trondheim again soon! Really looking forward to May and concerts in Wales with John now. This whole event brought back a lot of good memories. I miss my Welsh friends and lovely Wales..

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Had our first rehearsal with Bryn Terfel and Trondheim Symfoni Orchestra to day :-)Feeling kind of proud to be part of this. He is such a great performer with such a natural voice. Can´t wait until tomorrows concert!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Had our first rehearsal with the Welsh conductor Gareth Jones to day. Musically things are now starting to take shape and I am really enjoying myself. Exited about tomorrows rehearsal when Bryn Terfel is going to rehearse with us for the first time. Suddenly the "Welsh woman" in me comes to life. Ha, I´m proud of my Welsh roots;-)

Monday, February 07, 2011

Great to see TSO members again

Then the first rehearsal for the Bryn Terfel concert is done. Great to see all the other members from TSO´s vocal ensemble again. Went quite well, but as always more work to be done.Counting days and minutes till fridays concert and first rehearsal with Gareth Jones on wednesday:)

Thursday, February 03, 2011

The ice castle and concert with Bryn Terfel :)

Things are starting to take shape. Ingunn Ystad has made a poster/logo for the project and last weekend we made a short film around the project. Elisabeth Mathesson Solberg also confirmed that she wants to do the staging:-) Just up to me now to get all the financial things in to place. Next week I start working with Trondheim Symphony orchestras vocal ensemble on the Bryn Terfel concert. I am so exited! He is amazing and I feel so lucky to be part of this concert in Trondheim!