Tuesday, July 28, 2009

April John Mills Concerts in Norway

It was really lovely to perform together with John again. Not only is he a great musician whom i can look up to and learn from, but he is a great team worker and such a joy to sing with. He is a man who is so warm, outgoing, caring, encouariging and he has become a dear friend. It was extra special to work on a piece with the actual composer and to perform his song for the first time during this mini tour. I fell in love with the piece and hope that we´ll be an opportunity to record it at some stage. We were both very content with the atmosphere and mood we managed create at the three concerts. We received good feedback and had good crowd of people in the audience. But I must say that I never would have managed to do these concerts without great help and support from trondheim guitar club, my parents, loving boyfriend and other sponsors. We are both so buisy and tied up this autumn that we woun´t be able to hold any concert, but we are both looking forward to fitting in concerts in the new year.

Monday, July 27, 2009

West side story

Taking part in the concert version of West Side Story under the summer song at Ringve was one of the biggest experiences I have had.. To get to sing Rosalia with world class singers sunch as Randi Stene and Solveig Kringlebotn, a fantastic Orchestra - Trondheim Symphony Orchestra - and a great conductor such as Benjamin Shwarz . Amazing. I learnt a lot and hope that there´ll be more opportunities like this in the future!

Qualified music teacher

Yes! Finally I have the papers! I can now say that I am officially a qualified singing teacher! It has been a tough year, both physically and psychologically. It is not easy to have dyslexia and have to write so many assignments and sit through so long lectures. Still I learnt a lot aboy myself and how the system works and I have grown as a person and performer this year. I loved watching the pupils grow and develop, and to see their faces full of satisfactury as they finally found the key and solved their problem. It was also very satisfactory to teach. You learn so much and I had a lot of positive feedback from both students and tutors. Still, I don´t think I am ready to teach 100%. I will have some students, but my main aim and mission is to perform at the moment.