Wednesday, January 07, 2009


It has been a very hectic and challenging autumn. I decided to take a one year music teaching degree in Trondheim, Norway aswell as keeping my freelance work going. Don’t really think that I realised how much hard work this would involve. It is not easy to market yourself, keeping up the singing practise, looking for singing work, aswell as writing assignments and reading for exams. I guess I managed to keep up everything apart from the marketing bit this autumn. But by June 2009 I will have completed my teaching qualifications and my one year marathon will be completedJ! I have some freelance work up and running for 2009, but Iit is barely enough and I wish that there was more. You never get to sing and perform enough! I love it, I really do! Very proud of the performances that I have done this year and I have really enjoyed myself! I have worked with so many talented and gifted artist and guided by actors and singing teachers who has been such an inspiration to me. The performing work has given me the energy to complete my studies, and the inspiration to continue my projects, freelance work and I have started to look for auditions and future singing work! Really looking forward to a bright and exiting 2009! One of my projects is a” mini tour” the 17- 19 of April in Norway with John Mills and I am preparing for some auditions and competitions for this autumn and in 2010.


We were a proud team who celebrated our ten year jubilee for Young Sound this Christmas. It is fantastic that the youngsters have continued the tradition we started. There is so much talent in our village to take care of and I hope that it continues for several years to come!