Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An unrealistic dream becomes reality

For a longer length of time the "Ice Castle project" has seemed an unrealistic dream. The finances never seemed to come together. Artist found other work that was paid and it was challenging to keep the whole thing going. This autumn we got some more financial support and I decided to just go for it! I feel a bit crazy doing this, but at the same time it feels good. The music is written, the script has had its final touches, the costumes are ready and the director and actors have started to prepare individually. In March we are going to work and live together for an intense week before we have four performances. The venue is very intimate; it is in an old school called Eggaodden skole, built in 1891, used as a school until 1956. An artist called Elbjørg Raknes has redecorated it and it is now open for artists in residence. Artists can rent the place, live and work there and hold performances. Really looking forward to start the artistic work now. Never saw myself as a producer, but I have learnt a lot so far. The work has given me great insight in the theatrical freelance world and has made me very grateful. I can now see how much work people have done for me behind the scenes. So I can concentrate on the performance work a local theatre group and some volunteers will be helping me with the marketing, selling tickets and some of the administrative work. I am so grateful. Feel so lucky and cant wait to start working with the other performers Tina Margaretha Nilssen and Kathrine Strugstad and the director Ane Aas. The whole thing kicks off on the 8th of March with performances 17th - 19th of March! Very exciting