Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Master classes and workshops in Sussex

What an amazing experience! I have learnt so much this last week and worked with some fantastic teachers and coaches such as Ameral Gunson, Penny MacKay, Richard Jackson, Delia Lindon, Andrew Robinson, Robin Martin - Oliver, Gregory Rose, Robin Bowman and Jonathan Hinden. The participants were such a nice bunch! Not only did we sing, but Monday night I experienced my first barn dance!
Our opera scene from Verdi’s Falstaff where I played Alice was a challenging but joyful experience. After our final performance at the end of the course it was also fantastic to get such positive feedback, not only for my stage presence but also for the quality of my voice, and believe it or not for my top register! This I can thank the yoga and Trager sessions for! In the beginning the thought of yoga at 7am in the morning without first having breakfast, was not a tempting thought. However as the week went by I grew to love it! This and my trager session helped me to discover a freedom in my voice that I have been working to achieve for such a long time. Now it is up to me to achieve this freedom and release on my own and to continue the work.
It was a week which gave me so much confidence, joy and even more love for music, if that is possible. I am so looking forward to all the challenges, projects, gigs and the unforeseeable future that lies ahead of me. I feel blessed and very lucky.

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